How Smart Is Your Home?

Have you been thinking of ways to make your home smarter, more efficient and maybe even safer?

Smart home technology is fast becoming the new granite countertop – a feature once reserved for the top end of the market, but is now a “must have” at all price points.

CNET & Coldwell Banker Real Estate have teamed up to set the standard for what properties qualify as a “smart home.”*

The property must have a smart security feature that either controls access or monitors the property or a smart temperature feature, in addition to a reliable Internet connection.

Additionally, the home must have at least two features from this list.

  • Appliances (smart refrigerators and smart washer/dryers)
  • Entertainment (smart TVs and TV streaming services)
  • Heating/Cooling (smart HVAC system, smart fans or vents)
  • Lighting (smart light bulbs and lighting systems)
  • Outdoors (smart plant sensors and watering systems)
  • Safety (smart fire/carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights)
  • Security (smart locks, smart alarm systems or cameras)
  • Temperature (smart thermostats)

Thinking of selling your home? Consider your future buyer’s perspective. Coldwell Banker research studies continue to show that these are features that buyers are looking for:

  • Home buyers now include smart home technology when they talk about a home being move-in ready.**
  • If an otherwise older home has smart home technology, buyers are more likely to consider it “updated.”***
  • More than half (54 percent) of homeowners agreed that they would purchase / install smart home technology in their home if they knew it would make the home sell faster. *
    • Of those who agreed:*
      65 percent said they would spend $1,500 or more
      On average, respondents were willing to spend $3,215
  • 71 percent of Americans  want a move-in ready home**
    • Of those, 57 percent would consider an older home updated if it had smart home technology**
  • If faced with two homes and one was smart and the other was not, nearly two in three people who want a move-in ready home would opt for the smart home (63 percent). **

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*Coldwell Banker & CNET Team Up to Define Smart Home Technology

**Coldwell Banker Smart Home Marketplace Consumer Survey – Jan 2016
***Coldwell Banker Smart Home Survey with Parks Associates – August 2016

**** Blair Stacks receives no compensation for the sale of the Smart Home Staging Kit.



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